1942 Harley Davidson WLA

Anita Shew contacted us about providing some service for her mint condition 1942 WLA.  The issue was that after a ride, the carb would continue to feed fuel and create and overflow situation.  She also didn't love the brown saddle bags and wanted to remove some of the clutter from the rear fender.  

We were able to rebuild the Linkert carb that came with a new float bowl to prevent that unwanted fuel overflow.  We determined the through tank petcock assembly was also in need of repair and replaced that as well.  Oil change and she's mechanically ready to go. 

The luggage rack and bags were replaced with a fender side mount assembly from VTwin with a classic set of new bags.  The new bags cleaned up the fender and now that blue pops and blends more with the tank.  The Tombstone style taillight was replaced due to some broken glass and some dry rot in the gaskets

Anita is happy with the results and can now ride without the gasoline pouring out of the bike.  Welcome to the Foundation Nation Anita!

Before FoMo 1942 Harley Davidson WLAAfter 1942 Harley Davidson WLA

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